You’re the Worst

There’s no shortage of sitcoms dealing with modern relationships on television these days. And while a lot people probably have their established favorites—a particular brand of observational humor and shared experiences that they find most relatable—allow me to challenge that. Because, for me, no other show that I’ve seen as of late can hold a candle to the mix of wry wit, raunchy escapades, and egotistical insights of FX’s You’re The Worst.
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These days, both Amazon and Netflix are producing original content faster than any reasonable person can digest it. Transparent, Orange Is the New Black, and House of Cards are just a few of the digital content providers’ recent success stories. However, similar to network television, not everything online is Grade A material either (hello). Most recently I went through the Netflix original series Love, created in part by Judd Apatow. Afterwards I tasked myself with answering a relatively simple question: was it worth the watch?

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