PSA: Games with Gold are Live

Microsoft’s new free games are up for Xbox owners, being that it’s the first of the month. Available now are Earthlock: Festival of Magic and Forza Horizon. Earthlock, which I know next to nothing about, is a turn-based role-playing game set on a planet that has ceased spinning. Gameplay footage reminds me of older Final Fantasy games, but with modern graphics, naturally. The game’s art style seems to incorporate … Continue reading PSA: Games with Gold are Live

Debut of Horde 3.0 for Gears 4

Horde mode is back for Gears of War 4. Microsoft debuted a trailer for the popular cooperative mode today with an emphasis on class-based survival. Players have the option to step into the rolls of five different specialized heroes this time, including a scout, soldier, engineer, heavy, and sniper class. Other information that can be gleaned from the trailer: the mode will include the standard … Continue reading Debut of Horde 3.0 for Gears 4