Prey Isn’t Prey, But That’s Okay

I enjoyed developer Human Head’s 2006 game Prey quite a bit. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one, though.

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Is ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Too Little, Too Late?

Danger Close

The Call of Duty franchise has acquired a substantially large and rabid fanbase after more than a decade of steady annual releases. It’s become the de facto first-person shooter not only due to its industry leading sales, but because so many other developers have tried emulating the series’ mechanics, motifs, and success — both critically and commercially — over the years. Call of Duty has been king for quite some time now, but, unfortunately, with success comes complacency. Each new entry has been met with increasing cynicism from enthusiasts and detractors alike because the franchise more adequately represents Activision’s business model as a whole these days, rather than Call of Duty’s rich historic legacy.

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‘Battlefield 1’ Goes Back To Basic(s)

Everything Old Is New Again

Battlefield 1 probably feels like a tangential release for people only familiar with the franchise’s recent history. The previous two numbered Battlefield games have tried chasing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare so much — at least in terms of storylines and aesthetics — that it’s easy to forget that DICE was also the studio responsible for Battlefield: 1942 once upon a time. It’s left plenty of longstanding fans screaming, “Make Battlefield great again!” or some variation of those words over the past few years. They ‘member. Well, here it is, DICE’s answer to your pleas. COD fans, you’re welcome to come along too.

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