Destiny: Rise of Iron

For Better or Worse

Let’s all agree that our collective relationship with game developer Bungie has become unhealthy over the years. It all started off well enough with the Halo series. Bungie could do no wrong in the world of first-person shooters. Most were happy to see them everyday. They made us smile, they made us laugh, and, for many, they were our first (great console FPS or online multiplayer experience, that is). That’s why fans out there were excited when Bungie said they wanted to take our relationship to the next level with Destiny, a multiplatform MMO shooter that promised the world—actually not just “the world,” but “worlds,” plural. It was what we’d been dying to hear, so much so that some were even willing to overlook the red flags along the way. Two years later, and many have fled into other developer’s arms, while those still faithful to Bungie’s original promises continue to be taken advantage of.

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More Time in the Oven

ReCore is an exciting prospect on paper. It’s a collaboration between storied video game producer Keiji Inafune, responsible for the Mega Man and Dead Rising franchises, and Armature Studio, the creators of the Metroid Prime series. With decades of game development experience shared between this East meets West coupling, it’s not surprising that ReCore’s fundamental gameplay is so strong. What is surprising, though, is just how unpolished the finished product is.

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PSA: Games with Gold are Live

Microsoft’s new free games are up for Xbox owners, being that it’s the first of the month. Available now are Earthlock: Festival of Magic and Forza Horizon. Earthlock, which I know next to nothing about, is a turn-based role-playing game set on a planet that has ceased spinning. Gameplay footage reminds me of older Final Fantasy games, but with modern graphics, naturally. The game’s art style seems to incorporate … Continue reading PSA: Games with Gold are Live

Debut of Horde 3.0 for Gears 4

Horde mode is back for Gears of War 4. Microsoft debuted a trailer for the popular cooperative mode today with an emphasis on class-based survival. Players have the option to step into the rolls of five different specialized heroes this time, including a scout, soldier, engineer, heavy, and sniper class. Other information that can be gleaned from the trailer: the mode will include the standard … Continue reading Debut of Horde 3.0 for Gears 4