A Cody (Me) Awards Show

Once again I have failed to see every film released over this past year, but that’s not going to stop me from making a completely subjective post to discuss my favorites. Besides, thoroughness doesn’t seem to stop the Academy from hosting its annual award show, so why should it stop me? Below are some absurd and slightly less absurd categories, along with a short list of nominees. I know the world is getting anxious, so without any further ado, let’s get to these prestigious awards.

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Firewatch: Reckless, Abandoned

It should come as no surprise that developer Campo Santo has managed to reinvigorate the adventure genre with their debut game Firewatch. The studio is comprised of former Telltale talent who worked on the critically acclaimed first season of The Walking Dead video game, amongst other hit titles. What did amaze me, though, was just how far Campo Santo pushed forward narrative-driven exploration games as a whole in just a scant four hours.

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The Revenant: “Miles to go before I sleep”

The Revenant doesn’t need anyone else lauding it as one of the best films of 2015, particularly not me, but I couldn’t help myself. It’s a remarkable accomplishment, from the directing to the cinematography to the acting to the writing, and so on and so forth. I could leave it at that — a quick thumbs up — and be done, but I’m going to bloviate since, after all, that is what I do best. Plus, not expounding simply because I’m a bit late to join the bandwagon seems a bit lazy. The Revenant is a masterpiece, and I’d encourage anyone, if they haven’t already, to rush out and see it before it leaves theaters.

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