The Force Awakens: Show, Don’t Tell

Director J.J. Abrams was tasked with the impossible for Star Wars: Episode VII. Not only did he have to introduce brand new characters, conflicts, and worlds to the most renowned space opera of all-time, but he also had to pay homage to the rich and storied legacy that came before The Force Awakens. “Spinning plates” probably doesn’t even begin to describe what a challenge this must have been. And yet, not only were Abrams and company successful, but they just may have created the most thought-provoking Star Wars film to date.

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Mockingjay Part 2: Shot Through the Heart, and You’re to Blame

After waking up in the hospital Katniss Everdeen asks her visitor Johanna Mason why she hates her, to which Johanna replies, “You’re a little hard to swallow. With your tacky romantic drama and your defender-of-the-helpless act. Only it isn’t an act, which makes you more unbearable.” It’s a great scene that illustrates that—no matter how intrinsically good you may be—there are certain people out there that simply won’t like you, no matter what. The same could be said about Mockingjay Part 2, the final installment of The Hunger Games franchise. It’s a well-executed, introspective conclusion likely to provide a satisfying amount of closure for fans of the series, but it probably won’t convert the Johanna Masons of the world either. 

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